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Meet Hannah – Creative Design Lead

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Working Through Wanderlust 

With a passion for travel, Hannah worked her way around the world while offering her creative design skills to various companies


Hannah fell into graphic design through wonderful unforeseen circumstances in high school, which led to a BA in Visual Arts (emphasis on Visual Communications) from the University of San Diego.

Hannah freelanced during her studies and, after graduation, taught English for a school year in Thailand. 

After working and backpacking in Southeast Asia for 14 months, Hannah moved to Melbourne, Australia, where she worked as a graphic designer for Silverlane Studio.

Obsessed with exploring the world and living abroad, Hannah moved to New Zealand’s cutest little capital, Wellington. 

Despite a plan to teach English in Colombia next, she was offered a dream job at Fisher, an award-winning agency, in her home state of Arizona. 

Armed With Design Skills and a Desire to Serve

Hannah doesn't only care about building her career in the creative design field, she's also passionate about a number social justice causes


Hannah spent three years there developing further design skills, taking up social media strategy, and building her portfolio and expertise.

Hannah is also a founding part of ThroughYOU, a nonprofit organization that pairs with reputable nonprofits to build schools for communities in need around the world while also pursuing clean water projects for communities in the Dominican Republic. 

After leaving Fisher in 2019, Hannah was the lead designer for a volunteer project with Venture 2 Impact in India. 

This was followed by a school building excursion in Guatemala with ThroughYOU and buildOn.

Hannah created her company, Studio Stillwater, and worked on logos and branding projects while abroad. Studio Stillwater was in full effect by the end of 2019 and expanded to all graphic design realms, website design & development, social media, and graphic recording. 

She joined The Growth Shark team in 2022 and loves the array of clients and company fields. New work is always more fun with learning new topics involved!

When She’s Not Out Changing the World…

Beyond being a real-life super woman, Hannah has a number of hobbies and interests, most of which are in sports and recreation


Hannah is not only addicted to traveling the world & backpacking but plays sand volleyball as often as possible in Scottsdale, AZ, where she currently lives. 

She also enjoys golf, pickleball, tennis, and hiking in the Scottsdale sun. 

Hannah’s new love is running a half marathon in a new national park every year (followed by exploring, of course), as well as a Spartan race and Tough Mudder in a new city. 

Random fact: Hannah loves singing the national anthem for professional sporting events, and has a bucket list agenda to sing for every NBA team.

Stand Out From the Noise With Strategic Creative Design 

You know what they say… you’ll never get a chance to make a second first impression. 

That’s why creative design is crucial for every business looking to get noticed, win customers, and make a lasting impression. 

From your online presence to offline, your business assets must be cohesive, eye-catching, and memorable. At least that’s how the top-producing and fastest-growing companies in the world do it. 

If your brand assets are dated, incongruent, or simply overlooked, it’s a great idea to speak with an expert like Hannah to discover how much her skills can impact your bottom line.  

And if you enjoyed learning about Hannah’s background, you may enjoy learning about Reilly, Digital Marketing Manager of Content & SEO at The Growth Shark.


Visual and creative design can make or break a first impression. Put your best foot forward and get help with your brand's visual appeal.

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