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A purpose-driven performance marketing agency that blends cutting-edge digital strategies with a commitment to doing good, creating brand stories that resonate and inspire.
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Leverage your brand

Understand how to guide your users and brand advocates on their journey.

Establish a driving force

Your goals and ethos should appropriately align with a more virtuous calling than just simply turning a profit.

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Check out our digital resources that cover everything from search engine optimization to conscious marketing.

We Give a Sh*t About Your Success

Our mission is to leverage digital marketing and strategic communications for positive climate action, fostering a resilient planet.



Digital Solutions

  • SEO + SEM
  • Website Development
  • Email + SMS
  • Paid Media
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Boost Your Visibility Online

Create an SEO strategy with targeted SEM campaigns that will drive organic traffic and maximize your digital presence.

Design Your Identity

Elevate your online presence with custom website designs that captivate your audience, optimize user experience, and drive conversions for your cause-driven initiatives.

Connect Through Messaging

Craft compelling messages and engage your audience with personalized email and SMS campaigns that nurture relationships, drive conversions, and amplify your cause.

Engage and Influence

Leverage the power of Google and Meta platforms to amplify your message, reach targeted audiences, and drive conversions for your cause-driven initiatives.

Discover our full suite

With performance marketing services tailored to your cause-driven mission, from analytics and content creation to influencer partnerships and beyond.

Trust Real Partner Reviews

Ava P.

"Such a pleasure to work with on multiple cross-platform campaigns across NPR for Radio, Podcasts, Digital and Virtual Events. Always so patient, and I really appreciated how much creativity and effort they put into every campaign. Couldn't recommend working with TGS more!"

Ava P.

Corporate Partnerships Lead


Robert F.

"Hands down one of the most collaborative and creative partners I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Passionate about the brands. Provides incredible background and attention to detail to help us as media partners bring great opportunities to life. I was impressed by their knowledge of digital and measurement and how to drive a successful campaign."

Robert F.

Director, Strategic Partnerships & Integrated Media


Jack W.

"Product strategy and growth were central to our discussions. Working alongside Cory was a breeze. He's a strong communicator, a logical thinker, and welcomes new ideas. A pleasure to connect & work with."

Jack W.

Product Owner & Head of Global Partnerships


Ishita C

"Their ideas for our brand, our website, and implementation of SEO strategies has been both effective and efficient. Cory and his team's flexibility, enthusiasm, knowledge, and quick turnaround are an aid to a growing digital brand needing guidance and refinement. The Growth Shark will not only meet your growth expectations but exceed them."

Ishita C

Director, Operations


Dave V.

"Initially, we hired Cory and his team to update our Klaviyo email marketing flows to match our brand. The Growth Shark went above and beyond what I asked and ended up totally upgrading the Hexskin brand. Very communicative and shared his knowledge and provided step by step what they were working on."

Dave V.

Founder & CEO


Yvette Y.

"Our marketing team was immensely impressed with The Growth Shark team. Their quick turnaround time, quality, flexibility and industry knowledge really helped get our email campaigns prepared for an eComm launch. Have and will continue to recommend their team."

Yvette Y.

Marketing Manager


Shopify and Wordpress Experts