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Look So Good They Can't Miss You

There are limited product and service categories but there are unlimited design options. Recent studies have shown that over 73% of companies are trying to beat their competitors using creative design. 

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Why Does Creative Design Matter?

Graphic design plays a vital role in the customer journey. It starts by getting a user's attention with a humorous, compelling, or interesting image which leads them to a well-designed landing page that reinforces that same imagery. From there they might visit your about page that differentiates you from all the others out there. Your strategy then follow-ups up with customized emails, social posts, infographics, and more continuing all the way through to the conversion or intended action.

Our Process

User-Centric Designs for Maximum Engagement

The Growth Shark utilizes a forward-thinking visual design approach with conversion-driven goals. Our graphic design experts create visual stories that help build your brand’s legacy while always trying to think outside the box. Our objective for every agency partner is to deliver creative design solutions that make your target audience fall in love with your brand.

From customized email automation flow creative to uniquely crafted logos to beautiful infographics, our team manages the entire design process with ease and take your stories beyond words with stunning visuals. Our creative agency is equipped with the right tools to design your campaigns and publish across all effective platforms for better traction and engagement.

Branding & Logo Design

When talking about branding design, it typically refers tokey brand elements such as the logo, color scheme, typography, and other design components that makes a brand stand out from competitors, and recognizable to consumers.

Brand strategy is the codification and mapping out of your brand in order to make it highly distinctive, different, memorable, credible, trustworthy and extremely likeable by your ideal target customer.

Website Design & Customization

Web design is important becauseit impacts how your audience perceives your brand. The impression you make on them can either get them to remain on your page and learn about your business or leave your page and turn to a competitor. A good web design helps you keep your leads on your page.

The truth is that website design and development is about more than just looking pretty. It’s one of the most critical factors contributing to whether the user has a good or poor experience while browsing your site, directly influencing if they continue to engage with your brand and, ultimately, convert.

Social Media Creative

Effective graphic design for social mediaprovides support towards brand recognition and connects your target audience with your business and services. Getting visual on social media can increase brand awareness and the most important, grow your follower's engagement.

Partner Review

Flexibility. Enthusiasm. Knowledge.

"Their team's flexibility, enthusiasm, knowledge, and quick turnaround are an aid to a growing digital brand needing guidance and refinement. The Growth Shark will not only meet your growth expectations but exceed them."

Ishita C.
Director of Operations

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These are the top creative design questions we get.

  • What is Visual Design?

    • In marketing, the words “visual design” and “graphic design” are used interchangeably. Both often refer to the development of brands, ads, different forms of media, and creative images. Both are concepts that marketing agencies or freelancers can deliver.

  • Do I Need Creative Design?

    • Attractive visual and creative design will help your brand stand out and create a strong impression with your potential users. Effective design services will also help you build brand identity, convey key information, tell your story, and develop consumer trust.

  • What's the Design Process?

    • The design thinking process has three core phases.

      These phases inspiration, ideation, and implementation.

      Inspiration includes research and understanding of the problem.

      Ideation involves coming up with ideas and solutions based on the research in the inspiration stage.

      Lastly, implementation is launching the idea out into the world.

  • How Do I Find an Agency?

    • Selecting the right creative design agency for your brand design can be one of the most important tasks you're faced with as a business owner or marketer. A great partnership can deliver positive ROI and growth, while a bad agency match can result in a loss of valuable time and money, decreased sales, and cause severe damage to your brand.

      To avoid this pitfall, make sure you do the following 3 steps:

      1) Preparation - Clearly define your expectations and your budget. Try to brainstorm the hurdles that you may encounter until the desired results are achieved.

      2) Shortlisting -

      Identify 3-5 of the best brands through internet searching and make sure you ask trusted colleagues.

      3) Evaluation - Discuss your goals and objectives with your shortlisted creative agencies then narrow your list to those that focus on brand design, and eliminate those that don't fit your needs.