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Eating a nutritionally dense foods will help you perform well at work

How Eating Green Can Help You Improve Your Work Efficiency

The food you eat provides the energy you need to make it through the day. Some foods make you feel tired and lagging, while others give you a pep in your step to fly through your to-do list. Many people wonder, what foods can I eat to promote work efficiency?...
Discover what The 5 AM Club is all about and how it'll transform your work life balance

The 5 AM Club: Transform Your Work-Life Balance

Time – people would pay to buy more time in their lives to get their work done and have extra hours in the day to spend with friends and family. Enter The 5 AM Club: your solution to time management and the implementation of a schedule practiced by many successful CEOs...

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Every full service digital marketing agency needs a content marketing expert to power client growth

Meet Cami – Content Writing Lead

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From science studies to content writing, discover Cami's path into becoming the expert writer she is today.
Meet Mel! Our Business Development Strategist at The Growth Shark.

Meet Mel – Business Development Strategist

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Meet Mel, our Business Development Strategist. Now with just over 8 years of experience in marketing, garnering a multitude of experience in Email Design, HTML, SEO, and Data Analytics, Melissa takes these skills to The Growth Shark!
Meet Cory – Creative Director, Founder

Meet Cory – Creative Director, Founder

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Meet Cory, Creative Director and Founder of The Growth Shark. Learn about his extensive experience in marketing and how he created a company that values people over profits while prioritizing cause-driven elements.

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